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The Troy Stetina Series - Core Methods and Supplements

METAL RHYTHM GUITAR Volumes 1 & 2 (book/audio):

For those who want to rock! This is the launching pad for beginners who aspire to a professional playing level. The focus is on building a solid musical foundation throughout a range of rock and metal styles. For a quick preview, check out the free  video, Beginning Rock/Metal Guitar which teaches the first song in the Metal Rhythm Guitar method. Volume 1 contains six progressing chapters, each featuring a full song with backing track play-along version. Volume 2 of the method continues for six additional chapters that gradually increase tempo, tackle more complex grooves with sixteenth notes, triplets, offbeat accent patterns and more, as the foundational elements of basic music theory are concurrently established. The Metal Rhythm Guitar method has been proven successful by hundreds of thousands of guitarists all over the world. If you want to master rhythm guitar technique, you need to master what's in here!  

Metal Rhythm Guitar 1
Metal Rhythm Guitar 2


This fast-paced rhythm guitar supplemental method teaches the rhythm techniques of late 1980s speed and thrash metal and thrash styles, such as early Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and the death metal styles that followed. Full of picking challenges to build your endurance and speed for downstroke picking and broken rhythms, this method is recommended after the successful completion of Metal Rhythm Guitar 1 or equivalent, at a minimum.


TOTAL ROCK GUITAR (book/audio):

This supplemental method is all about music; it's loaded with 23 full band arrangements! The songs are sequenced into a gradually rising challenge, while covering a wide range of rock styles including rock 'n roll, southern rock, hard rock, power pop, hair rock, classic heavy metal, power metal, alternative rock, funk rock, power rock, and more. Each song also features a quick up front lesson that digs into elements of theory and/or technique that dominate in that song. Suggested prerequisite: Metal Rhythm 1 or equivalent.


METAL LEAD GUITAR Primer (book/audio):

The Metal Lead Primer is a beginner introduction to lead guitar. Subjects include effective string damping to establish clean technique, basic rock soloing scale patterns, string bending, vibrato, rock cliches and simple licks, basic rhythm and timing. Includes two full "lick-trading" solos with backing tracks. The starting level for Lead Primer is nearing the completion of Metal Rhythm Guitar 1. It is recommended to move through Lead Primer in conjunction with Metal Rhythm Guitar 2.


METAL LEAD GUITAR Volumes 1 & 2 (book/audio pkgs):

This core lead guitar learning system started a revolution in hard rock and metal instruction! The first of its kind, it is regarded as essential information by guitarists around the world. Why? Because it works! Metal Lead Guitar Volumes 1 & 2 feature 12 progressing rock and metal solos with full backing tracks, each applying the material taught in its corresponding  chapter. This is not a beginner method! An entry level solo serves to review rudimentary lead technique. Then the method builds quickly, ambitiously, toward a professional level. Recommended experience is the completion of Metal Lead Primer and/or Metal Rhythm Guitar 2, or other similar level of intermediate experience. Expect to be challenged! Also covers foundations of practical music theory along with the tips and tricks of the trade as it  develops the quality musicianship you need for a strong foundational and ultimate mastery of the guitar. Banned in 17 countries so you know it's got to be good!



This supplementary method shows many of the flashy tricks of metal lead guitar including fretboard tapping, echo swells, use of repeated physical patterns and much, much more! These are applied in three monstrous solo guitar moments. If you want to add a few extra ideas into your arsenal of 80s lead guitar perfection, Metal Guitar Tricks will make a well-deserved addition to your instructional guitar library.



Considered by many players as the "Bible of shred guitar technique," this book goes deep into building mastery, control, accuracy and speed. Includes well over 100 licks and exercises plus full applications including a rock guitar adaptation of Flight of the Bumblebee, as well as Bach's Prelude in D and Paganini's 10th Caprice. This is an advanced, exercise-heavy method that teaches you fundamentals of the art of practicing, enabling you to perfect your playing technique. Still a best-seller after 30 years! 



In this guide to mastering drumset technique, Troy joins forces with extraordinary LA session drummer Chris Moore. Following the proven principles of the original Speed Mechanics book for guitar. Speed Mechanics for Drums includes dozens of video exercises, a step by step methodology for efficiently building drum technique, plus tips and advice to help you express your own inner creativity and unique style. Includes the instrumental shred tune Kaleidoscope.



Fretboard Mastery is the natural complement to Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar; where SMLG focuses on the physical side of playing, Fretboard Mastery covers applied theory, ear training, scales, modes, how keys and chords work, and more. This system will enable you to play anything you hear or imagine instantly, without hunting for the "right notes." Music is simple, and Fretboard Mastery dives deep to uncover that underlying simplicity, to build comprehensive understanding and true mastery. 


THE ULTIMATE SCALE BOOK (pocket guide book):

The Ultimate Scale Book lies somewhere between a reference book and a guitar method as it builds gradually, with each scale a variant or extension from the previous. Includes: What are scales? How to learn scales; fingering guidelines; scale construction; complete fretboard diagrams for major and minor pentatonic, blues, major blues, minor blues, diatonic major and minor and all the modes, harmonic and melodic minor,  Phrygian-dominant, the modes of jazz minor, chromatic, whole-tone, diminished, plus ethnic and other exotic scales.


BARRE CHORDS: The Ultimate Method & Reference (pocket guide book):

This handy guide details all barre chord forms and fingerings in standard tuning. So it's complete like a reference book, yet leave it to Stetina to present the material in a logical, learnable way that builds like a method book. So you can actually learn all the chord shapes as variants and extensions from previous shapes! Includes: How moveable shapes and roots work, voicings, major, minor seventh, ninth, added tones, suspensions, alterations and extended chords. Also includes sample chord progressions for application practice and more!

Troy Stetina DVD Instruction


A 3 1/2 hour all-access guitar instructional DVD full of tips, tricks, exercises, interviews, and in-depth note-for-note walk thrus of select songs and solos from Troy's 2000s band Second Soul in a top-quality video series made by Fret12. Also features mini-lessons from Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge), Michael Angelo Batio, Bill Peck and Eric Freidman. If you are a Troy Stetina fan, looking for something more than the core books, this is it! 



If a picture says 1000 words, a video must say at least 10,000! This DVD is a good companion to the Metal Lead Guitar Primer and/or Metal Lead Guitar Volume 1 as it demonstrates the various basic lead techniques in high definition. If you are a visual learner, this DVD can help fill in the gaps and clarifying the material in the core book/audio method.


200 ROCK LICKS - Goldmine Series (DVD):

Troy Stetina, Matthew Schroeder, and Greg Harrison demonstrate 200 rock licks ranging from classic rock to metal. Troy's 80 lick contribution here leans toward the advanced metal/shred side. If you just want to add an extra set of ideas into your personal lick arsenal, this DVD will certainly do the job! 

Troy Stetina Signature Licks Book/Audio or DVD Instruction 

DREAM THEATER - Guitar Signature Licks (book/audio):

Troy Stetina takes you through the trademark techniques of guitarist John Petrucci. Includes historical information as well as step by step explanation, breakdowns, and both full half speed audio demonstrations. If you're a John Petrucci fan, this is a must have book! Includes: Behind the Veil • Breaking All Illusions • The Count of Tuscany • Endless Sacrifice • Erotomania • Fatal Tragedy • The Glass Prison • Home • In the Presence of Enemies – Part 1 • On the Backs of Angels • Pull Me Under • Under a Glass Moon.


OZZY OSBOURNE - Guitar Signature Licks (book/audio):

By Troy Stetina. This Signature Licks book takes you through standout moments by the guitarists that helped form heavy metal: Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee, and Zakk Wylde. Includes Bark at the Moon • Crazy Train • Dee • I Don't Know • Iron Man • Killer of Giants • Mama, I'm Coming Home • Mr. Crowley • No More Tears • Paranoid • Steal Away (The Night). Note for note demonstrations at full and half speed.


THE BEST OF BLACK SABBATH - Signature Licks (book/audio):

Journey back in time with this Guitar Signature Licks look at Black Sabbath's Toni Iommi. Examine the greatest riffs and solo moments that build a legend. Includes: Black Sabbath • Children of the Grave • Heaven and Hell • Into the Void • Iron Man • Paranoid • Sweet Leaf • War Pigs • more. Note for note demonstrations at both full and half speed.



Due to popular demand, Black Sabbath Sig Licks has also been released on DVD to enable you to see the details and nuances in high definition. Black Sabbath • Children of the Grave • Heaven and Hell • Into the Void • Iron Man • Paranoid • Sweet Leaf • War Pigs • more. Again, as with all Signature Licks format products, you will see note for note performances at both full speed and half speed.


BEST OF THE FOO FIGHTERS - Signature Licks (book/audio):

In depth lessons, performance notes and analysis of the sound and style of remarkable musician and songwriter Dave Grohl. Includes historical context, breakdown and note for note performances of 12 songs in the Signature Licks format of both full and slowed speeds: Big Me • Breakout • Everlong • I'll Stick Around • Learn to Fly • Monkey Wrench • My Hero • This Is a Call • more.


BEST OF RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - Signature Licks (book/audio):

In depth lessons, performance notes and analysis of the sound and style of remarkable musician and songwriter Dave Grohl. Includes historical context, breakdown and note for note performances of 12 songs in the Signature Licks format of both full and slowed speeds: Big Me • Breakout • Everlong • I'll Stick Around • Learn to Fly • Monkey Wrench • My Hero • This Is a Call • more.


BEST OF JOE STRIANI - Signature Licks (book/audio):

Written by Dale Turner, performed by Troy Stetina. Go inside the legend to see what makes Satch's soloing technique. Includes full note-for-note performances and hands-on analysis of 11 classic tracks: From Not of This Earth • Hordes of Locusts • Memories • Not of This Earth • Rubina • Always with Me, Always with You • Circles • Crushing Day • The Crush of Love • Big Bad Moon • Flying in a Blue Dream • Summer Song.


DEEP PURPLE'S GREATEST HITS - Signature Licks (book/audio):

Go inside the legend and learn the characteristic licks and riffs of one of heavy metal's progenitors, Ritchie Blackmore. Includes breakdown and note for note performance of 10 songs: Black Night • Burn • Highway Star • Hush • Knocking at Your Back Door • Lazy • Smoke on the Water • Space Truckin' • Strange Kind of Woman • Woman from Tokyo.


AGGRO METAL - Signature Licks (book/audio):

Take an in-depth look at the 2000s bands Soulfly, 311, Sevendust, Fear Factory, Limp Bizkit, Incubus, P.O.D., System of a Down, Powerman 5000 and more. Songs include: Bleed * Come Original * Denial * Edgecrusher * Faith * From This Day * Loco * Pardon Me * Southtown * Spit It Out * Sugar * Testify * Welcome to the Fold * When Worlds Collide. 


HARD ROCK - Signature Licks (DVD):

Troy Stetina teaches via the Signature Licks note for note approach to 8 songs classic hard rock songs: Bark at the Moon · I Don't Believe in Love · Living After Midnight · Paranoid · Round and Round · Shock Me · Smoke on the Water · You Really Got Me. Includes DVD bonus features: jam-along tracks and practice tips. 1 hour, 36 minutes.


MODERN ROCK - Signature Licks (DVD):

Troy Stetina guides you through note for note performances of the greatest guitarists in modern rock. Includes 8 songs: All the Small Things • Are You Gonna Be My Girl • I Believe in a Thing Called Love • Just Like You • KeepAway • Know Your Enemy • Kryptonite • Wish You Were Here. Includes jam-along tracks and practice tips. 1 hour, 14 minutes.

Other Troy Stetina Books

LEFT-HANDED GUITAR (book or book/audio)

Written exclusively for the left handed player, this stand-alone method shows you all the chord and fretboard diagrams properly reversed to make life easier for lefties. The method itself begins as an all-around, general beginner method that teaches reading staff notation applied to familiar melodies, open chords, strumming patterns, power chords, rock n roll patterns, tab, blues, comping, fingerpicking arpeggiation, moveable barre chords, scales and more.



Betrayal, racism, addiction, sexuality, awakening, recovery, love, cancer, forgiveness, meditation, relationships, shame and steroids. This collection of essays and thoughts initiated by friend and 12-step veteran Michael Baumann (aka Freedom) was expanded and edited by Troy Stetina shortly before Michael's untimely death by bone cancer. It is applied spirituality, where the rubber meets the road, and it asks us to consider our own hard questions from a new vantage point--with transparency--and to use them to move beyond the tight confines of our own limited egos. 

Other Highly Recommended Books

THE ARTIST'S WAY (book and workbook)

This book is written more from the perspective of graphic arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) but I find all the concepts and exercises both effective and relevant to increasing one's musical creativity as well. Definitely a book to read and re-read. Also, pick up the companion workbook along with it and use the two together. Excellent stuff in here!


Another great book for peeling back the surface to uncover hidden gems about why we create and how to maintain movitation in a world that generally fails to reward artists. When I went through a difficult period after the failure to launch the band I had poured years of time, effort and money into, this book helped me learn valuable lessons and come back from "retirement."

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