Guitar Masterclasses

Ready for a serious guitar challenge? The advanced guitar masterclass lessons here include the Beethoven Masterclass and the Kaleidoscope Riff Axelerator. Guaranteed to take you to a new level of playing! Not for beginners!
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Beethoven Appasionata Guitar Masterclass 

This Beethoven Masterclass is the ultimate classical shred guitar challenge. It teaches Beethoven's Appasionata piano sonata (3rd movement), arranged here for shred guitar, bass & drums. You can listen to the piece below: 

This Masterclass lesson-set covers the entire piece above. Each download lesson  includes staff/tab notation and slowed audio demonstrations, along with a detailed lesson format that provides technique-building tips, exercises, and relevant music theory background so you can not only play the music but also understand it. Take your playing to the next level! Beethoven rocks!! And the first lesson is free!