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Troy Stetina is an American guitarist, composer, producer, music educator and author. Specializing in all styles of rock, metal, shred and classical-electric guitar, he has created more than 50 book/audio and video methods that have guided a generation of guitarists toward mastery.

Troy has taught beginners to rock stars and everywhere in between. He has also conducted workshops and masterclasses around the world as well as recording and performing with several bands. He endorses Dimis Guitars and Engl amps.


Troy is an avid reader of science, history, cosmology, philosophy, psychology, comparative religion, spirituality, and mysterious phenomena of every sort. He is also an ordained minister who enjoys traveling, hiking, movies with plots, good TED talks, and a dark, night sky. He lives in New Mexico with his wife Alexis. 

Quick Troy-facts:

  • Author of numerous books, book/audio, book/video and DVD guitar methods, which have sold over a million copies worldwide.

  • Wrote the first widely-published, standard of pedagogy for rock and metal guitar (the original Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar and Heavy Metal Lead Guitar methods) back in the mid 1980s, as well as the first shred instructional method (Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar) before shred was even a thing! Also wrote the masters level music theory and ear training guide for guitar, Fretboard Mastery.

  • As a recording artist, released instrumental shred guitar album "Exottica" (2000), guitarist and producer for Dimension X "Implications of a Genetic Defense" (2007, Unicorn Records), guitarist and producer for Second Soul "Beyond the Infinite" (2011).​

  • Currently releasing 'Through the Hall of Mirrors" EP as a set of audio and video singles, including God's Love (Steamroller), The Red, and Where Is God?

  • Formerly Director of Rock Guitar Studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee. Also, former columnist and feature writer for GuitarOne magazine, as well as contributor to Guitar School and Guitar World magazine.

  • Also former victim of bad hair and poorly written DVD video scripts, which you can still find on youtube to his unending embarrassment.

If you are looking for some deeper insights about Troy, his thoughts on the guitar, music, motivation, and life generally, the video series below offers an in-depth phone interview conducted by Hunts Annex Studies' founded and guitar instructor Jimmy Kane. Unfortunately there are some dropout issues with the audio, which is annoying... just a heads up. This interview was done in 2007:  

Hunts Annex Studios Interview Series with Troy Stetina

Hunts Annex Studios Interview Series with Troy Stetina

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