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Troy Stetina is an internationally recognized guitar virtuoso and music educator with dozens of best-selling guitar methods to his credit. Here, you'll find information on his books, music, video, and events, as well as free lessons, tips and advice, answers to common questions, and even private lessons for individualized, expert guidance!

The Troy Stetina Series was first, the original, the best rock & metal guitar instruction on the planet. Over a million copies sold and still climbing! Find out why >


Beginner?  Watch the free video: Beginning Rock/Metal Guitar with Troy Stetina >

Advanced? Looking a higher challenge? Check out Speed Mechanics, Fretboard Mastery 

and Masterclasses >

In Between? We've got you covered with the world's best guitar methods, 

DVDs, note for note Guitar Signature Licks lessons, and loads of free guitar magazine lessons >

Any teacher is only truly qualified to guide you through the finer points of a subject if he has personal experience with it--if he's been where you want to go. So if you crave blazing technique, check out the videos below. Troy can show you exactly how to build total speed and control and gain complete mastery over the fretboard!

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